The International Treasure Chest Project

Seeking and discovering treasures is always exciting for children.
If a treasure chest is found, the group can begin to set up a small research camp. The chest will then be opened either on location or on the computer. In the chest are a variety of different activities and interesting objects just waiting to be solved and tried out by the successful treasure seekers.

The young explorers experiment, try new activities, and realize connections. The work with the treasures encourages teamwork and creativity. All participants can help out to solve a puzzle, figure out how to use some sort of device, or to play a traditional game. The participants will be encouraged to figure out themselves how the games and objects are related.

An example:

In one treasure chest there is a list of 326 different words in the Sami language that mean “snow”. Only 30 of them can be translated into German.
The participants can then guess who the Sami people are, where there live, what climate they live in, and why they have so many words for snow. Next, the participants get some information about the Sami people and a map where their homeland is marked. They can then check the information to see if they guessed right.
The next job would be to think of different words for snow in their own language. Then to think about what they have in their own country that is so important that it needs many different words or concepts.

At the very end the participants can build their own snow goggles, learn to use the lasso like the Sami, and to play the “Snow Crystal Memory Game”.

Purpose: The school groups/ children/ youth group should be motivated to

  • be interested in nature
  • be able to view nature from a different perspective
  • look at different cultures and how they live and view life
  • to deal with cultures that may seem primitive at first thought, but while working with them to discover how brilliant and sustainable their values are.

In Germany the Treasure Chest project will be practiced by JANUN e.V.. Some elements will also be available to try out on our website. After a while the texts and games will be translated.
The project was invented during an international work camp with youth from Greenland, Norway & Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. The project is being supported by the EU program “Jugend in Aktion”.